From December 3, 2018 at 12:00 p.m until March 1, 2019 at 12:00 p.m (Japan Time)


  • There are no restrictions for nationality, age, experience, residence area, etc. Applicants must be individual artists, not groups.
  • Entry is limited to artworks which have not already been made public either though another competition or an exhibition (excluding personal exhibition or own social media pages).


  • Your artwork must have been created using Copic products.
  • The size of artwork should be within L24" x W18"x H12" (L594mm x W420mm x H300mm) with the weight of 11lbs (5kg) or less.
  • For the base material of artwork, fragile materials such as ceramic or glass are prohibited to use.
  • No categories, no specific theme – we’ve purposely kept this broad to encourage imagination!
  • Only one piece of artwork may be submitted per person.
  • Any artwork which infringes upon another person’s intellectual property rights will be disqualified. It is your responsibility to check this in advance.


You can submit your entry by uploading image files only through the COPIC AWARD official website. No other method of application will be accepted. Do not send actual artwork.


Tsutomu Okada / curator
Junko Koshino / Designer
Arina Tanemura / Japanese manga artist
Rumiko Tezuka / Director & Planning Producer of Tezuka Productions Co., Ltd.
Kei Matsushita / Art director


All entries will be judged on the five COPIC AWARD criteria: Concept, Composition, Originality, Technique and Ability in Expression. Judging is conducted using a 100-point scale with 20 points assigned to each criterion.
A new Future Generation Art Prize (U-18 Award) has been added this year to enhance future career prospects of young artists under 18 years of age.


1. Register for the AWARD and submit your entry by clicking on the ENTRY button. Your entry will be open to the public after it has been reviewed to ensure that it meets the AWARD requirements.
2. Each entry is considered and scored on the AWARD's criteria, then a shortlist will be decided by the judges.
3. Guided by a 100-point scale, judges review all shortlisted artworks and select winners of the Grand Prize, Judges' awards and other special awards.
4. Winners will be announced on


*Any entry infringing on intellectual property rights or copyrights of the others (e.g. plagiarism, imitation) will be disqualified.
*By entering the AWARD, you agree to grant the organizers reproduction rights over your entry, including to create a catalogue, archive the images of submitted artworks and publicise artworks online and in any other form of communication chosen by the organizers. You also agree to have your artwork on display at the AWARD ceremony.
*All applicants under the age of 13 require the consent of a parent or legal guardian.
*Please confirm the COPIC AWARD Application Rules.