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Announcing the COPIC AWARD 2022 Winners

We are delighted to announce the COPIC AWARD 2022 winners. The fifth year of the AWARD has received more than 3,600 wonderful entries. Thank you to everyone who participated in the COPIC AWARD 2022.



Grand Prize

Key Colors
  • BV000
    Iridescent Mauve

  • RV04
    Shock Pink

  • Y02
    Canary Yellow

Judges' comments

It was not until I saw the original that I realized this entry used the paper cut/collage technique. By pasting paper cutouts together, a solid outline was created. In the background, different colors were applied to each of the nine characters. The combination of these colors and the rich expression on each character's face make this piece very attractive. I am sure the artist spent a lot of time and enjoyed creating this piece.

(Eriko Kimura)

When I first saw this piece, I wondered how it was made. At the same time, I just wanted to enjoy it because it was very satisfying to see.
I think the piece is technically brilliant and shows the qualities of Copic as an art medium, using a variety of colors effectively and showing the potential of gradation techniques. Also, the fact that we can understand the true value of a work by looking at the original is something only analog can offer.
The nine characters in this piece convey the artist's belief that all people are different. It is one of my favorite pieces because I imagine the artist observing many people, and I feel the artist's love for people.

(Yuki Suetsugu)

Second place

'From Within' (anaglyph art)
Kat Young
Key Colors
  • B23
    Phthalo Blue

  • R24

  • BV25
    Grayish Violet

Judges' comments

The basis of this entry is to have the audience wear stereoscopic glasses to view the work. But even without that idea, the piece is high-level and excellent in every aspect - Including the skillful rendering and composition, the beautiful pose of the female motif, and the warm balance of the color scheme. The depiction of the skin texture is very detailed, but I still can't tell how it was drawn, even after seeing the original. The more I look at this piece, the more I notice something appealing about it.

(Hikaru Ichijo)

The artist's incredible drawing ability and deep knowledge of the human body are evident. At first glance, it looks like it was created digitally, but I imagine it would be impossible to draw this work digitally in the same way. In this sense, I feel that this piece is a challenge from analog to digital. It is an outstanding piece that makes us feel the potential of Copic.

(Kota Nezu)

Second place

Trial and error
Key Colors
  • C0
    Cool Gray No.0

  • YG11

  • BV13
    Hydrangea Blue

Judges' comments

Unlike the Grand Prize entry, this piece uses simple, chic, and muted colors. That's another advantage of Copic, but I didn't know Copic could offer such subtle blurring and gradation of light colors.
Actually, I was not sure what the subject was, and the artwork did not explain it. Nevertheless, the image of the motif leaves a strong impression because it is fascinating somehow, and I never get tired of looking at it.

(Kazutoshi Oshimoto)

I was immediately intrigued by the rich texture expressed in this entry. The detailed rendering of clothing with lots of belts and its soft textures that seem to melt into the background is brilliant, giving the artwork a three-dimensional feel. I say this piece is technically remarkable.
I can't imagine how such beautiful gradations were created with Copic. Even though it is a pretty realistic piece, it looks mystical with the light coloring. The expression of the texture is indescribably appealing, and I found it to be a very interesting piece.

(Eriko Kimura)

Future Generation Art Prize(Youth Award): Grand Prize

What a sweet space!
Key Colors
  • R32

  • Y11
    Pale Yellow

  • YG03
    Yellow Green

Judges' comments

When I first saw this entry, I felt so happy. I wondered if the artist really wanted to open a candy store one day. Every item, including the packaging design, is not sloppily drawn, and every little detail is drawn with a passion that makes us smile. It is such a beautiful piece, and I selected it for the Future Generation Art Prize.

(Kota Nezu)

It is difficult to choose colors with Copic markers because there are too many to choose from, and sometimes you may end up with a messy drawing because of a mistake in selecting colors. Sometimes it's overwhelming to choose colors for my work, but I came across several entries with beautiful color combinations that made me want to know how the artists selected the colors. Especially, this candy-filled, pop-style piece that won the grand prize in the Future Generation Art Prize has beautiful coloring.

(Yuki Suetsugu)

Judges' Awards selected by Hikaru Ichijo

Gabriel Cândido
Key Colors
  • B29

  • E93
    Tea Rose

  • YR31
    Light Reddish Yellow

Judges' comments

The artwork I selected actually caught my interest from the first round of judging.
When I judge and select a piece, I ask myself, for example, how the image would look if it were used in a book or printed on clothing. Those are my personal criteria. This piece is a bit unique among the other entries, and I just had a positive impression of the drawing. The colors, lines, spacing, and facial expressions of the characters give me a pleasant feeling. Whether or not I would want to take the artwork home was the most important point in my selection process.

Judges' Awards selected by Kota Nezu

The Unvisitable Theater
Julian Rickert
Key Colors
  • R22
    Light Prawn

  • E11
    Barley Beige

  • B12
    Ice Blue

Judges' comments

The entry I chose takes the human body as a world and turns it into a mechanical element. Just looking at it makes me excited.The unique three-dimensional expression, composed of multiple layers, gives the viewer a unique view of the world. The artist made good use of a variety of different materials, and I could tell that the artist had fun while creating the drawing. This work makes me feel like I have entered another world, a world in pop-up picture books that I read as a child. It gives me such a pleasant feeling.

Judges' Awards selected by Kazutoshi Oshimoto

Key Colors
  • E08

  • G21
    Lime Green

  • E31
    Brick Beige

Judges' comments

I discovered this one after reviewing all the entries several times. At first glance, I thought it had little impact, but when I saw the original drawing in person, I was pretty surprised it was smaller than I had imagined and yet very finely rendered. When I saw the digital image, I imagined a much larger piece, so the gap between the two was so appealing to me.

Judges' Awards selected by Kimura Eriko

Key Colors
  • G17
    Forest Green

  • R35

  • B23
    Phthalo Blue

Judges' comments

I remember this entry has been on my mind since the first round of judging. It is a nostalgic scenery, but if you look closely, you can see that some things seem a bit strange. There is suddenly a large department store next to a residential area. There is a hill in the middle of a city with a tunnel and a train going into it. These things do not happen in real life. So I think the artist depicted an imaginary city, but everything fits together naturally. I imagine this applicant will be interested in many things in the future and will continue to create artwork. I look forward to seeing more in the future.

Judges' Awards selected by Yuki Suetsugu

Key Colors
  • R02
    Rose Salmon

  • BV01

  • B63
    Light Hydrangea

Judges' comments

Despite the fictional motif, I was attracted to this entry by its lively and dynamic composition, as well as its excellent overall layout. The vermilion and blue colors harmonize well. I really like the colors the artist picked.
The beautiful gradation of the spreading lines expresses the transparency and smoothness of the water well. In this respect, I feel that the artist has taken the possibilities of the Copic one step further. I appreciate the artist's understanding and use of new techniques using Copic markers, which led me to select this piece for the Judge's Award.

pixiv Award

twitter instagram
Key Colors
  • B04
    Tahitian Blue

  • B00
    Frost Blue

  • RV42
    Salmon Pink

Judges' comments

It was hard to pick one from so many amazing entries nominated for COPIC AWARD, but I thought this one had an attractive character and was worthy of the pixiv Award.
The character is wearing a space suit, so she is supposed to be off Earth, but you can see that the helmet is cracked. I was intrigued by all those little strange ideas. The character is so cute, and the more I look at her, the more I am captivated. If this entry were posted on the pixiv website, it would rank high in our popularity rankings.

Social Media Award

Lunar eclipse 〜月食〜
twitter instagram
Key Colors
  • RV91
    Grayish Cherry

  • BG70
    Ocean Mist

  • Y28
    Lionet Gold

Judges' comments

In addition to the charm of the characters, the carefully drawn and colored lunar eclipse was excellent, and it is a very well-done piece. It's obvious the artist enjoyed using his custom Copic Inks and items such as Multiliner pens and Opaque White. This artist's work was also selected for the 2021 COPIC AWARD, but I felt this entry was even more powerful. We want to see more from this artist.

Regional Awards: APAC

Underwater goddess
Angkarn B.Chantana
Key Colors
  • BG34
    Horizon Green

  • B28
    Royal Blue

  • R17
    Lipstick Orange

Judges' comments

It is beautiful that the bottom of the deep sea is mystically expressed with a very detailed touch.
The image of the work before coloring with Multiliner pens shows the length of time and the dedication of the artist in creating this piece.

Regional Awards: EME

Dancing in the Rain
facebook instagram
Michaela Koleva
Key Colors
  • C3
    Cool Gray No.3

  • R00
    Pinkish White

  • RV11

Judges' comments

The contrast between the dreary rainy environment and dancer resting in herself is fascinating. She is not influenced by the wetness and traffic around her, but keeps her calm and dances. It seems like pure freedom she feels, as she simply lives in the here and now and enjoys the moment.

Regional Awards: NA

Trusted Requiem
Key Colors
  • E00
    Cotton Pearl

  • B05
    Process Blue

  • RV02
    Sugared Almond Pink

Judges' comments

The use of color on this piece is superb. Not only did the artist render the portrait with realistic precision, but the subject's offset gaze creates a narrative and level of intrigue to look closer at the work and see more of what's going on. While the colors are bright and cheerful, her skin is cracking as she looks skyward. Who or what is she looking at? What meaning could the butterflies have surrounding her? Why was the drawing given the title "Trusted Requiem?" Can't stop thinking about this piece.

Regional Awards: LATAM

Dahlia Clown
Key Colors
  • YR23
    Yellow Ochre

  • C6
    Cool Gray No.6

  • R05
    Salmon Red

Judges' comments

Attracted by the original kimono design with the bee motif and the detailed drawing, which also makes full use of Opaque White and other mediums. The unique contrast and gradation between gray and orange are impressive.

Regional Awards: Africa

Trish Conradie
Key Colors
  • R46
    Strong Red

  • R27
    Cadmium Red

  • V99

Judges' comments

We were very impressed with the combination of Copic Ink, Copic Markers, and Copic Opaque White in one striking piece. The strong, vivid colours contrast beautifully with the dark, velvety background. A remarkable piece, congratulations!

Kids Award

twitter instagram
Key Colors
  • BV25
    Grayish Violet

  • B97
    Night Blue

  • B93
    Light Crockery Blue

Judges' comments

As our eyes follow the obscure lines, we cannot look away from this piece - This entry has such appeal. The natural smudging of the ink is perfect for expressing the mysteries of space and the deep sea. The artist's comments on the work were convincing, and at the same time we were surprised by the theme of the work and its high level of expressiveness.

Kids Award

Key Colors
  • B05
    Process Blue

  • W7
    Warm Gray No.7

  • R17
    Lipstick Orange

Judges' comments

The trees, the sun, and the dragon, which were drawn with great effort, show that this artist had a lot of fun creating this piece. The twinkling lights of the little stars spread out in space are also skillfully expressed in this work, full of rich imagination and exciting expectations for the unknown world.

Kids Award

The King of the Night
Key Colors
  • 100

Judges' comments

The artist did not describe the owl as he saw it but faithfully recreated the cool image of the owl in his mind. The composition with the moon in the background and the starry sky on the wings is also beautiful. We felt he already had his own style, even though he was only eight years old. We really look forward to seeing more of his work in the future.

Alcohol Ink Art Award

Promesse P.1.22
facebook instagram
Laurane Salmon atelier L•MagicArt
Judges' comments

This piece demonstrates an exceptional understanding of alcohol ink technique. Larurane has created a beautiful sense of flow with complicated, yet delicate line work while fading the color to create a beautiful sense of depth. This piece is truly stunning from the color palette to the line work and beyond.

Craft Award

Key Colors
  • B05
    Process Blue

  • RV06

  • Y08
    Acid Yellow

Judges' comments

This entry shows the unique features of Copic ink, which brings out vibrant colors even on fabric. It seems to have a story behind it, such as the meaning of the blue flowers and butterflies. This piece was not only beautiful and romantic, but also made us think about the theme and background.

Special Award Selected by Too Corporation Americas

Lolita Dress
Helena Kavano
Key Colors
  • V12
    Pale Lilac

  • N2
    Neutral Gray No.2

  • N4
    Neutral Gray No.4

Judges' comments

We feel this is the most interesting craft entry for the 2022 AWARD and love how Helena was able to create the texture of cloth just through paper and Copic.


Key Colors
  • B00
    Frost Blue

  • B32
    Pale Blue

  • BV0000
    Pale Thistle

Judges' comments

We were impressed by the high skills in this entry, which takes full advantage of Copic's unique properties.
The artist's control over every detail to prevent the ink from bleeding is evident and shows the great concentration the artist has put into this work. Someday we want to ask the artist about his unique method of coloring and his extraordinary commitment to the color blue, which is the same as the entry selected for COPIC AWARD 2020.


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Oh! great (Ito Ogure)

Manga Artist

Kota Nezu


Chiaki Harada

Illustrator/Manga artist/Manga artist

Kei Matsushita

Art director/Professor of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music (design department)

Tomoko Yabumae

Curator of Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo

COPIC AWARD final judging report

The final round of judging for COPIC AWARD 2022 was held in December 2022.

Five judges gathered at the site for the final judging stage, where they had the opportunity to see the original drawings in person. It was a spectacular sight to see the original drawings of the finalists lined up, carefully selected by the judges from over 3,600 entries from all over the world.
*As in previous years, there were strict measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in place.

After seeing the entries selected by the judges during the initial screening phase, the judges were impressed with the quality, which exceeded their expectations. However, after realizing how different the original drawings were from what they looked like on a computer screen, one of the judges said it was sobering to think about the many entries eliminated from the judging process.

One of the great things about COPIC AWARD is it is open to entries from any country or region. It allows us to enjoy many great pieces created by Copic fans from all over the world.
Diverse expressions and a wide range of approaches were found in this year's winning entries.

"It looks like it was done digitally, but it's actually impossible to do this digitally. It's like a challenge from analog to digital".
These were the words of one of the judges. This entry gives a completely different impression when viewed with 3D glasses. Everyone who saw it was impressed.

All entries were created using Copic products (all analog), so there were many pieces in which true value could only be understood by seeing the original drawing.
One of the judges, Ms. Eriko Kimura, said it was a valuable experience to learn that such rich expressions are possible with the small world born from the tip of a Copic marker.
Looking at the original drawings in person, we found each piece was created with multiple layers of delicate expression, including the size appropriate to the work, the precision that can only be conveyed by looking at the original drawing, and various unique techniques.
This year's Grand Prize and Second Place winners convey the artist's passion for drawing, individuality, and most importantly, the time and effort that went into completing the piece. We hope you will take the time to review these winning entries.

COPIC AWARD brings together many artworks that are so captivating and have great potential.
Mr. Kota Nezu said, "The wave of heat that COPIC AWARD emits came from the energy of each piece". The judges and AWARD staff are well aware of the passion everyone has put into their artwork. Even if your piece was not selected as a finalist or winner this year, we hope you will continue to value your individuality and create artwork that brings you satisfaction.

It has also been decided that COPIC AWARD 2023, the 6th edition of the event, will be held! Details will be announced on the official AWARD website and our social media pages.
What do you want to draw, and what do you like to draw? Or is there a technique you want to pursue more or a message you want to convey to people? Please feel free to choose your own theme for your artwork and participate in the next COPIC AWARD. We really look forward to seeing your new work at the next award event.