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Can I use other art mediums in my entry besides Copic products?
Yes. You can use any other art mediums, such as acrylic, watercolors, colored pencils or ink), but the majority of your artwork must be created with Copic products (e.g. markers, Multiliner pens, etc.).
What is the maximum size my artwork can be?
The size of actual works should be within L420mm x W297mm x D300mm, with the weight of 5kg or less, or within L24" x W18" x D12", with the weight of 11 pounds or less.
What format should I submit my entry in and what is the maximum file size?
Three still image files of the same artwork can be submitted (no videos). Images must be uploaded as .jpg format. Maximum size of each file must be no larger than 5MB.
I don't have a scanner. Can I use my camera instead?
Yes, you can use a camera. However, we need a good quality photo for judging your artwork, so please be sure to use a high-quality camera.
Can I send my work by mail or via email?
No. You can only submit your entry through the COPIC AWARD official website. No other method of application will be accepted. Please do not send actual artwork.
Can I submit artwork that I have already entered in other competitions or awards in the past?
No. Your entry must not have been submitted to other competitions, awards or publicly sponsored exhibitions previously (however, your own personal exhibition is allowed).
When I tried to register, the message "The email address you entered is already in use" appeared. What does this mean?
This message will appear if you were registered for the past COPIC AWARD. You can login through the PERSONAL PROFILE page with the same email address and password already registered. If you've forgotten your password, visit the Forgot Password page to reset your password.
Can I use characters from anime, manga or games I like in my entry?
No. You must create and use your own original characters in your entry. Any entries infringing on the intellectual property rights or copyright of others (e.g. plagiarism, imitation) will be disqualified.
Can I portray a real life person without his/her knowledge or consent?
No. You must create and use your own original characters in your entry. Any entries infringing on a portrait right of individuals will be disqualified.


Is it possible to change the uploaded images and/or edit "APPLICANT INFORMATION" after my entry is published?
Once your entry is published, the uploaded images cannot be changed/edited at your end. If you want to change the images of your entry, we will remove your entry from the competition, then you need to proceed with the SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY or REQUEST FOR PUBLIC DISPLAY process again. Please contact us via Contact Form if you want to change the images of your entry.
*PERSONAL PROFILE (your real name, address, email address, etc.) can be edited even after the entry is published.
Can I delete my uploaded images?
You can delete the uploaded images of your entry at any time before you request a public display. Go to the Personal Profile page and click "Edit Entry Info". You will see the DELETE button on the upper right side of the images. After sending a REQUEST FOR PUBLIC DISPLAY, you are not able to delete the uploaded images by yourself.
I am having trouble logging in to the website to submit my entry. What can I do?
Double-check that your email address and password are correct. Or try using a different browser or a different device and see if you can login and submit your entry. If you still can't login, go to "FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD" page from the Login screen and reset your password by entering your registered email address.
If you still have issues and would like to request assistance, please send a message to:
I didn't receive a confirmation email after I registered.
Please leave at least an hour to receive your confirmation email. Check all mailboxes, especially junk and spam. If nothing arrives, please send a message to and follow the instructions provided.
Does the number of "Likes" on SUBMITTED ENTRIES page affects the judging for the AWARD?
No. The judges have their own judging criteria and the number of "Likes" your entry gains will not influence the outcome.

Website Functions

What does "Like" on SUBMITTED ENTRIES page mean?
The "Like" feature is simple in nature. Viewers click "Like" to communicate what they think about the entry. Click "Like" when you want to show your support for an entry, or when you think the entry is good. You must have a login authentication for social media to use the "Like" feature (your "Like" will not be posted on your own social media account automatically).
What does "Key Colors" on the SUBMITTED ENTRIES page mean?
"Key Colors" refers to the colors being used most frequently, or the colors that represent a significant aspect of the entry. By clicking the image, the color numbers of 3 "Key Colors" of the entry selected by the applicant themselves will appear. You can find the details of each color by clicking the color number. Check out and see how Copic artists are seriously committed to their choice of color.
What is a Social Media Award?
It's a new award given to the most-liked picture of AWARD entry posted on Instagram. The winner of this award will be selected based on the total number of post Likes. An image of entry must be posted by a AWARD participant by him/herself, tagging @copic_award on own Instagram account, with the following hashtags included in the caption: #copicaward2020/#copicaward_insta
*Entry must meet the Application Rules of the COPIC AWARD laid down by the Organizer. If entry does not fulfill the requirements for the Application, it may be excluded from being a subject of judging no matter how many likes a post has received.

Judging of the Social Media Award will be based on the number of Likes the COPIC AWARD related posts have gained, during the entry period of the COPIC AWARD 2020 (May 1 - June 30).

An Instagram post submitted after June 30th (the entry deadline for the COPIC AWARD 2020) will not be eligible for the Social Media Award regardless of the number of Likes it gained.

An Instagram post that does not include the specified hashtags ( #copicaward2020 and/or #copicaward_insta) will not be eligible for the Social Media Award regardless of the number of Likes it gained.

If more than one Instagram posts are featuring the image of entry for the COPIC AWARD 2020, only the post with the most Likes will be considered as the subject of judging.

If you still have issues and would like to request assistance, please send a message from the Inquiry form.