• 【interview】2019 Second Place Winner:Rodrigo Matias

【interview】2019 Second Place Winner:Rodrigo Matias


We interviewed Mr. Rodrigo Matias, the winner of second place of Copic Award 2019. Working as a professional designer in Brazil, he vigorously creates brilliant illustrations as an artist. His works cover a wide range of genres, from portraits and graffiti to wall art. 

Rodrigo Matias
COPIC AWARD 2019 Second Place Winner
Rodrigo Matias is a Brazilian Artist whose style combines a great variety of techniques and materials for the creation of his Artworks, which is a mixture of Realism, Graphic and Geometric Elements.
Started at very young age on São Paulo’s Graffiti Scene in the 90’s and quickly developed his own style. Years later he graduated in Design from Mackenzie University and by indication of several professors began his career as a Freelancer Illustrator, area which he has been working for almost 10 years.
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COPIC AWARD 2019 Second Place Winner"Mother"


Q.Please tell us how you've been doing (latest project, etc.)
Rodrigo:I'm doing a lot of commission works, mainly portraits and graffiti murals, and trying to use my FULL SET of Copic a little every day!

Q.You won the Second Place of the COPIC AWARD 2019. How did you feel when you heard the news?
Rodrigo:Even after one year, it is still hard to believe that I won! The experience was amazing, and I'll always feel extremely grateful.

Q.Has anything in your life changed since you won the prize?
Rodrigo:I have a full-time job but winning the COPIC AWARD motivated me to invest more and more time and effort in my art career.

Q.Could you give a message to people who haven't decided to participate this year's AWARD yet?
Rodrigo:I don't see any reason why people shouldn't participate! You can submit your artwork in any style, with any Copic products, the Award has many categories to all ages and it's FREE! Everybody who has any Copic products MUST participate!

Q.What kind of entry/artwork you would like to see this year?
Rodrigo:I love artwork with a lot of details, just like the ones I saw at last year's AWARD!

Q.What are you expecting of the COPIC AWARD?
Rodrigo:I expect a lot more entries than last year's Award! It's very simple to participate and because, especially in my country, it is getting easier to buy Copic products.

Thank you for your cooperation on this interview, Mr. Rodrigo!



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