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  • Anne Roos Smink serves as the Ink Art Award judge

Anne Roos Smink serves as the Ink Art Award judge


We are pleased to announce that Anne Roos Smink, an alcohol ink artist based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, is served as a special judge for the Alcohol Ink Art Award of COPIC AWARD 2023.
Anne has been creating abstract artwork since 2018 when she discovered the magic of alcohol inks. Since then, Anne has continued to build her career and won the Social Media Award at COPIC AWARD 2021. In 2022, Anne finally became a full-time artist to fulfill her dream.
Here are Anne's thoughts on alcohol ink art:

My work is inspired by nature, flowers, the ocean, landscapes, and anything I see around me when going outside. But even more, the process itself is very inspiring and intuitive. Often, I start by moving some ink around my surface, and by going with the flow of the inks, my ideas emerge, and the artwork begins to take shape. This process is mesmerizing and is what I love doing most. I get so much positive energy from making the inks flow around my paper, and I hope I can bring some of that positive energy to you.

Website: https://anneroosart.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/anneroosart



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