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How to Apply for COPIC AWARD 2021

ENTRY PERIOD May 10, 2021 at 12:00 p.m. - June 30, 2021 at 23:59 p.m.(Japan Time)
Announcement of the results of the first round of judging: Early August 2021 (tentative)
Announcement of final judging results: Late September 2021 (tentative)
  • There are no restrictions for nationality, age, experience, residence area, etc. Applicants must be individual artists, not groups.
  • Entry is limited to artworks which have not already been made public either though another competition or an exhibition (excluding personal exhibition or own social media pages).
  • Your artwork must have been created using Copic products.
  • The artwork should be no larger than L (Length) 420mm x W (Width) 297mm x D (Depth) 300mm and weigh no more than 5kg.
    L420mm x W297mm is equivalent to the international paper size A3. There is no restriction on the orientation of length and width.
    Not only paintings or drawings, but three-dimensional works are also welcome. The base material does not have to be paper, but the use of fragile materials such as ceramic or glass is prohibited.
  • No categories, no specific theme – we’ve purposely kept this broad to encourage imagination!
  • Only one piece of artwork may be submitted per person.
  1. Register for the AWARD and submit your entry by clicking on the ENTRY button. Your entry will be open to the public after it has been reviewed to ensure that it meets the AWARD requirements.
  2. Each entry is considered and scored on the AWARD's criteria, then the finalists will be decided by the judges.
  3. Judges review all shortlisted artworks and select winners of the Grand Prize, Judges' awards and other special prizes.
  4. Winners will be announced on
  • Any entry infringing on intellectual property rights or copyrights of the others (e.g. plagiarism, imitation) will be disqualified.
  • By entering the AWARD, you agree to grant the organizers reproduction rights over your entry, including to create a catalogue, archive the images of submitted artworks and publicise artworks online and in any other form of communication chosen by the organizers.
  • All applicants under the age of 13 require the consent of a parent or legal guardian.
  • COPIC AWARD 2021 Application Rules


  • STEP1


    Register for the AWARD and submit your entry by clicking from the ENTRY form. Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully in advance.

  • STEP2

    Submission of Entry

    Only one piece of entry may be submitted per person. 3 still image files of the same entry can be submitted.

  • STEP3


    If you are a Registered Applicant, you can SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY or EDIT PERSONAL INFO on PERSONAL PROFILE page. After you send REQUEST FOR PUBLIC OPENING, we will review whether your entry is appropriate for public opening. If it meets the requirements of Application Rules, the images of your entry will be open to the public on the AWARD website.

Social Media Award

The Social Media Award is an award that is selected from among the COPIC AWARD 2021 entries posted on Instagram.
An image of entry must be posted by an AWARD participant by him/herself, with the following hashtags included in the caption: #copicaward2021 and/or #copicaward_insta

The judging of the Social Media Award will proceed during the entry period of the COPIC AWARD 2021 (May 10 - June 30). Instagram posts posted after June 30 (the entry deadline for the COPIC AWARD 2021) will not be eligible for the Social Media Award.

*If the entry does not fulfill the requirements for Application Rules, it may be excluded from being a subject of judging. *The number of Likes an Instagram post gets will not affect the judging process.