How can I change the language of this site?
At the top right menu, click on "Language" and choose the language you want (only English and Japanese are supported right now).


Can I use the mediums other than Copic?
Yes. You can use any other art mediums (such as acrylic, watercolors, colored pencils or ink), but the entry must be created with Copic markers mainly.
Please tell me the upper limit value for dimensions and weight of actual artwork.
The size of actual works should be within L594mm x W420mm x H300mm, with the weight of 5kg or less, or within L24 inches x W18 inches x H12 inches, with the weight of 11 pounds or less.
I'd like to know the details about image files for entry.
Three still image files of the same artwork can be submitted. Images must be uploaded as jpg format. Maximum size of each file must be no larger than 5MB (keep the total size for three files within 15MB).
I don't have a scanner. Can I use my camera instead?
Yes, but we need a good quality photo for reviewing your artwork. Please make sure to hold the camera very still as much as possible to avoid blurring of image.
Can I send my work by mail or via Email?
No. Applicant can submit the entry and upload its image files only through COPIC AWARD official website. No other method of application will be accepted. Do not send actual artwork.
Can I submit the artwork that I have sent to other competitions or awards before?
No, your entry must not have been submitted to other competitions, awards or publicly sponsored exhibitions previously (personal exhibition is excluded).
Is it possible change the images of my entry or edit "APPLICANT INFORMATION" after the entry is published?
After the entry is published, the images of your entry and "APPLICANT INFORMATION" (the information which will be opened to the public) cannot be edited at your end. If you want to change the images of your entry or edit the "APPLICANT INFORMATION", we will remove your entry from subject of examination once, and you need to proceed the "SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY" and "REQUEST FOR PUBLISHING" processes again.

* "ENTRY DETAILS" (your real name, address, email adress, etc) can be edited even after the entry is published.


I'd like to know about the eligibility criteria of COPIC AWARD.
Any artists can enter COPIC AWARD regardless of nationality, age, sex, or experience.


What are the categories?
There are 3 categories:
Could you tell me a detaild timeline?
Submission Open Date: Sep 2017
Last Submission Date: Dec 17, 2017
Award Finalists and Winner Announcement: Jan 2018
Award Ceremony: Apr 2018
What is the prize of COPIC AWARD?
Grand Prize winners (and one accompanying person) of each category will be received full color set of Copic Sketch, etc. Also the winners will be invited to Japan for attending the award ceremony. Flight tickets and accommodation fee (4 days 3 nights) for two persons will be provided.

Appropriateness of entry

Is it possible to use the characters from anime, manga or game I like in my entry?
No. You must create and use your own original characters in your entry. The entry infringing on intellectual property right and copyright of the others (e.g. plagiarism, imitation) will be disqualified.
Is it possible portray a real life person without his/her knowledge or consent?
No. You must create and use your own original characters in your entry. The entry infringing on a portrait right of individuals will be disqualified.

Website Functions

Can I delete my uploaded images?
If it is before you send a REQUEST FOR PUBLIC OPENING, you can delete the uploaded imeges of your entry. Go to Personal Profile page and click "Edit Entry Info". You will see the DELETE button on the upper right side of the images.
After sending a REQUEST FOR PUBLIC OPENING, you are not able to delete the uploaded imeges by yourself.
I cannot login to website and cannot entry the Award. What can I do?
First, double check email address and password for the account you're trying to sign in to. Or try a different browser or a different device and see if you can login and submit your entry. If you still can't login, go to "FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD" page from Login screen, reset your password by entering your registered email address.

If you still have issues and would like to request assistance, please send a message to: copicaward@too.co.jp.
I can't receive a confirmation email which is supposed to be sent after Temporary Registration has completed.
Please leave at least an hour to receive your confirmation email. Check all mailboxes, especially junk and spam. If nothing arrives please send a message to copicaward@too.co.jp and follow instructions.