Qualifications for Application

  • There are no restrictions for nationality, age, gender, experience, residence area, etc. However, the Applicant shall agree in advance that the Application is limited to the Application by an individual only and the Application by any group shall not be accepted.

Application Fees


Applied Work

  • It must be the work using COPIC.
    *The amount of COPIC used will not affect the result of examination for awards.
  • It should be an original work created by the Applicant himself/herself.
  • The size of actual works should be within L594mm x W420mm x H300mm, with the weight of 5kg or less, or within L24 inches x W18 inches x H12 inches, with the weight of 11 pounds or less.
  • The images for the Application shall be up to three pieces with jpg (e.g., an overview image, close up, and other angle).
  • The image shall be no more than 5MB per piece, and no more than 15MB in total.
  • It shall be limited to the work which has not been made public at a contest or exhibition of works by the general public (excluding personal exhibitions).
  • The work to be applied shall be limited to the one which does not infringe other person's intellectual property rights.
  • If the Organizer judges that the applied work does not fulfil the requirements for the Application, it may not accept the Application. In this case, the Applicant will be notified to that effect by e-mail. It is possible to apply again by making necessary changes to fulfil the requirements for the Application.

Prohibited Works

Application shall be prohibited for the works falling under any of the following:

  • Those which give insult, slander, threat, or an economic or psychological damage/disadvantage;
  • Those which include a sexual or obscene expression violating laws, ordinances, or other standards established by the Organizer;
  • Those which include a violent expression;
  • Those which force radical thought;
  • Those which include an expression praising anti-social actions;
  • Those which include an expression unfairly discriminating against race, creed, occupation, gender, religion, etc.
  • Those which infringe other person's intellectual property rights, including those resembling other work or character; or
  • Those which infringe the portrait right of an individual by imitating an actual person without the permission of the said person.