COPIC AWARD Application Rules


This COPIC AWARD (hereinafter referred to as "AWARD"), which is to be held for the first time, is an event aimed at providing an opportunity to publish on the internet the work created using COPIC (hereinafter referred to as "COPIC Work"), connecting COPIC fans all over the world by such works, and making the drawing and production more fun. Anybody can apply with the COPIC Work, and the COPIC Works applied from across the world can be freely viewed at the special AWARD site (https://copicaward.com, hereinafter referred to as "Special AWARD Site").

Application Method

  • The applicant to the AWARD (hereinafter referred to as "Applicant" or "you") shall agree to be bound by this COPIC AWARD Application Rules (hereinafter referred to as "Rules"), by applying from the Special AWARD Site.
  • Application for participating in the AWARD (hereinafter referred to as "Application") should be made by filling out the required items on the Application form available in the Special AWARD Site. Application will be accepted only if it is made on the Application form via the Special AWARD Site. The Applicant shall agree in advance that Application by other methods will not be accepted
  • After you make an Application, the Organizer will send a confirmation e-mail. Following the instructions in the confirmation e-mail, please upload the image of your work. If you have set up the domain designated reception to prevent spam e-mails, please change the setting so that you can receive e-mails from "@too.co.jp".
  • The image of the uploaded applied work will be displayed on the Special AWARD Site only if the Organizer confirms it fulfils the requirements set forth herein. The Applicant shall agree in advance that if the Application made does not fulfill the requirements set forth herein, the image of the applied work will not be displayed on the above web site.
  • Only one work may be applied by one person. From the established categories of works - "ART & DESIGN," "HOBBY & CRAFT," and "MANGA/COMIC & ILLUSTRATION" - please select one category to suit the work to be applied and make an Application.

Treatment of Applied Works

  • Applied works will be displayed on the Special AWARD Site.

Examination of Applications

  • Processing of Applications will be conducted in principle in the order of acceptance; provided, however, the order may be changed under certain circumstances.
  • The Organizer may not accept an Application if it falls under any of the following cases:
  1. A false fact is stated in the Application form;
  2. In addition to what is prescribed in the preceding case, it causes a problem for the implementation of the Organizer's business, or it is reasonably judged likely to do so;
  3. The Applicant belongs to an anti-social group or judged to be its member and affiliated party; or
  4. The Applicant does not agree to the Rules, or the applied work falls under the Prohibited Works or does not fulfil other requirements stipulated in the Rules.
  • After displaying the applied work on the Special AWARD Site, if there is a claim by a third party about infringement of rights or other things concerning the said applied work, the Organizer may decide to stop the display of the said applied work.
  • If the Organizer does not accept an Application, the Organizer will notify the Applicant to that effect.



Qualifications for Application

  • There are no restrictions for nationality, age, gender, experience, residence area, etc. However, the Applicant shall agree in advance that the Application is limited to the Application by an individual only and the Application by any group shall not be accepted.

Application Fees


Application Period

From mid-September to December 17, 2017

Period for Display of Works

When accepted to end-April 2018.

*The Applicant shall agree in advance that the Application period and the work display period may be extended by the decision of the Organizer six months and one year at maximum, respectively.


Award winners will be notified by e-mail in early January 2018, with the result to be announced on the Special AWARD Site by the end of January.

Size of Works, Base Materials to be Used

  • The size of works to be produced should be within L594mm x W420mm x H300mm, with the weight of 5kg or less, or within L24 inches x W18 inches x H12 inches, with the weight of 11 pounds or less.
  • For the base material of your work, please do NOT use fragile materials including ceramics and glasses.

Display of the First Award Winning Work

  • The Applicant shall agree in advance to the display of the first award winning work at the award presentation ceremony to be held in Japan in April 2018. Regarding the original drawing of the work, the award winner shall agree in advance to take it back immediately after the completion of the exhibition, and to allow the Organizer to dispose of it if it is not taken back within three months after the completion of the exhibition.
  • For the shipment and taking back of the above original drawing, its packing shall be done by the business operator designated by the Organizer, and the cost, such as transportation charges, packing cost, and transportation insurance for the shipment and taking back shall be borne by the Organizer.<

  • The Applicant shall agree in advance that the first award winning work will be shipped and taken back by the carrier or other method designated by the Organizer.


  • ART & DESIGN category
    Too Marker Products. Inc.

Selection Process for Award Works

Through impartial examination, the judges for each category shall select one first award work, and three works for Judges' Award in each category. A Special Award may be given in some cases.
A prize will be presented to the first award winner, and recipients of the Judges' Award and Special Award.

Presentation of Award Prizes

The following prizes will be presented to the first award winner:

  • A set of Copic Sketch All Color Set and Copic Carrying Case, a set of every paper selection, a set of every Multiliner, a copy of COPIC MANIACS (English or French or Spanish version), and a copy of Start with Twelve Colors (English or Japanese version)
  • Display of the actual work at the AWARD presentation ceremony (hereinafter, the "Ceremony") to be held in Japan
  • Invitation to the Ceremony

*To be invited in pairs: Round-trip airline tickets (economy class) and accommodation tickets for four nights and five days (One room for the award winner and one accompanying person (two persons in total) staying together)

The following prizes will be presented to the recipient of the Judges' Award and Special Award:

  • A set of Copic Ciao All Color Set, a set of every paper selection, a copy of COPIC MANIACS (English or French or Spanish version), and a copy of Start with Twelve Colors (English or Japanese version)

Shipment of Prizes

Prizes will be shipped to the award winner through the COPIC distributor in each region within one month from the announcement. Since airline tickets for the first award winner will be arranged after confirming the schedule with the winner himself/herself, it may take some time to deliver them.
If an applicant wins an award, he/she shall agree in advance NOT to transfer his/her rights and prizes to a third party.

Applied Work

  • It must be the work using COPIC.
    *The amount of COPIC used will not affect the result of examination for awards.
  • It should be an original work created by the Applicant himself/herself.
  • The size of actual works should be within L594mm x W420mm x H300mm, with the weight of 5kg or less, or within L24 inches x W18 inches x H12 inches, with the weight of 11 pounds or less.
  • The images for the Application shall be up to three pieces with jpg (e.g., an overview image, close up, and other angle).
  • The image shall be no more than 5MB per piece, and no more than 15MB in total.
  • It shall be limited to the work which has not been made public at a contest or exhibition of works by the general public (excluding personal exhibitions).
  • The work to be applied shall be limited to the one which does not infringe other person's intellectual property rights.
  • If the Organizer judges that the applied work does not fulfil the requirements for the Application, it may not accept the Application. In this case, the Applicant will be notified to that effect by e-mail. It is possible to apply again by making necessary changes to fulfil the requirements for the Application.

Prohibited Works

Application shall be prohibited for the works falling under any of the following:

  • Those which give insult, slander, threat, or an economic or psychological damage/disadvantage;
  • Those which include a sexual or obscene expression violating laws, ordinances, or other standards established by the Organizer;
  • Those which include a violent expression;
  • Those which force radical thought;
  • Those which include an expression praising anti-social actions;
  • Those which include an expression unfairly discriminating against race, creed, occupation, gender, religion, etc.;
  • Those which infringe other person's intellectual property rights, including those resembling other work or character; or
  • Those which infringe the portrait right of an individual by imitating an actual person without the permission of the said person.

Contents of Registration at Application

Birth date
E-mail *You shall agree to receive e-mails concerning the introduction of COPIC products from the Organizer and its affiliated companies, and COPIC distributors.
WEB URL (on a voluntary basis)
SNS URL (on a voluntary basis)
*The listing of WEB URL or SNS URL, which includes the following contents, shall be prohibited:

  • Those which aim for commercial advertisement/publicity or solicitation; or
  • Those which aim for guiding to the link of an affiliate, an adult site, a one-click fraud site, or the site aiming to distribute harmful computer programs, etc.

Author information
Telephone number
Size of the actual work
*2 Title of the work
*2 Name of the author
*Registration information with *2 marked above will be disclosed with the applied work, while other information will not.

Correction of Personal Information and the Applied Work, etc.

If deletion or correction of information is requested from the Applicant himself/herself, we will deal with it appropriately after confirming the identity of the Applicant and the accuracy of the correction, etc.

Treatment of Personal Information

The registered personal information(hereinafter referred to as "Personal Information") may be provided to the Organizer and its affiliated companies, and individual COPIC distributors listed in the attachment to send the information on COPIC products and a request for the cooperation in questionnaire surveys; however, except for cases with legitimate grounds in accordance to laws and regulations, etc., the Organizer will not use the Personal Information for purposes other than as stipulated above nor provide it to a third party other than the above without the consent of the Applicant.

Governing Law and Language

The Rules shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan. The governing languages of the Rules shall be English and Japanese. If a translation hereof in other language is made for reference purpose, only the English and Japanese originals shall have the effect and such translation in other language shall have no effect.

Conflict Resolution

The Tokyo District Court, which exercises jurisdiction over Tokyo, Japan, shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute arising in connection with the Rules.


  • Any and all developments of hardware and software, and the prevention of virus infection and unauthorized access, which are required to apply for the Award, shall be conducted at the expense and responsibility of the Applicant, and the Organizer shall not be involved with the usage environment of the Applicant in any sense nor bear any responsibility.
  • The Organizer and the secretariat shall bear no responsibility for the damage incurred by the Applicant arising from the Application for this contest when there is a trouble including an accident during the transmission of the image data of the applied work, destruction of data, infection of a virus, and a failure of the terminal at the time of applying for the Award.
  • If the Organizer or the Applicant receives demand for an injection or damage, complaint, objection, etc. from a third party regarding the literary work, portrait, etc. used for the applied work, the organizer shall bear no responsibility, and the Applicant shall, at his/her responsibility and expense, deal with and solve the demand, complaint, objection, etc., without placing any burden on the Organizer.
  • The Organizer shall bear no responsibility for the unauthorized use of the applied work by a third party due to the display of applied works on the COPIC AWARD Site, including the unauthorized use by a third party by downloading a copy of an applied work from the Special AWARD Site.
  • The Organizer shall provide the insurance to cover accidents during the transportation of the first award winning work with the upper limit of one million yen(JPY1,000,000), beyond which amount the Organizer shall bear no responsibility.

Organizer: Too Marker Products. Inc.
Inquiry: copicaward@too.co.jp

List of Distributors, etc. to Share Information

The registered information at the time of application will be shared with the following companies affiliated to Too Marker Products. Inc. and COPIC distributors in each country. The Applicant agrees in advance that individual distributors may contact the Applicant to introduce COPIC products and request the cooperation in questionnaire surveys, etc.

Affiliated Companies

  • Too Corporation / Japan / http://www.too.com
  • G-Too Corporation / Japan / http://g-too.jp
  • TOOLS INTERNATIONAL Corporation / Japan / https://www.toolsintl.jp

COPIC Distributors

  • IMAGINATION INTERNATIONAL INC., / U.S.A. / https://imaginationinternationalinc.com/
  • HOLTZ OFFICE SUPPORT GmbH, / Germany / https://www.copic.de
  • OZ International / France / www.copic.fr
  • Mundel Srl / Italy / www.copic.it
  • X-PRESS GRAPH-X SUPPLIES / Australia / http://copicmarker.com.au/
  • X-PRESS GRAPH-X SUPPLIES, South Africa / South Africa / http://www.copic.co.za
  • METALIMO / Sweden / http://www.copicmarker.se
  • BETHIEN A/S / Denmark / www.copicmarker.dk
  • Colourstock BV / Holland Netherlands / http://copicmarkerbenelux.blogspot.jp
  • INTER PRODUCTS AG / Switzerland / http://copicfriendsschweiz.blogspot.jp
  • NEOART KFT / Hungary / http://www.neoart.hu
  • MOUAWAD BOOKS & STATIONERY S.A.R.L. / Lebanon / hicham@mouawadmbs.com
  • LURAK IMP & EXP LTD. / Malta / grixtir@go.net.mt
  • Too Korea Corporation / Korea / gustav1918tkc@yahoo.co.jp
  • DECA TRADING COMPANY / Korea / http://copic.kr
  • CHE SAN STATIONERY CO., LTD. / Hong Kong / http://www.chesanstationery.com/
  • ART FRIEND (BBC) PTE LTD. / ART FRIEND (BBC) PTE LTD. / www.artfriend.com.sg
  • PT. Mega Nusa Hadiarta / Indonesia / fendra@lyra.co.id
  • AHT Enterprise Co., Ltd. / Taiwan / http://www.aht.com.tw
  • ART LINE CO., LTD. / Thailand / http://www.copicthailand.com
  • HAWAIIAN GRAPHICS CORPORATION / Hawaii / http://www.hawaiiangraphics.com
  • Global hobby og kunst/ Norway / http://copicmarkernorge.blogspot.jp
  • Chernaya Rechka Art Ltd. / Russia / http://www.copic-marker.ru/
  • Estede Poland / Poland / http://www.copic.pl
  • Zlata Lod s.r.o. / Czech Republic / http://www.copicmarker.cz
  • Cankardes, Turkey / Turkey / www.copicturkiye.net
  • GRAPHIC INTERNATIONAL CENTRE L.L.C. / Dubai / www.graphicint.com
  • TEMPERA OY / Finland / www.copic.fi
  • Meno Muza UAB / Lithuania / www.menomuza.lt
  • Art Service Ltd. / Bulgaria / www.artservicebg.com
  • SHANGHAI ZHIFU TRADE CO., LTD. / China / golden_hj@hotmail.com
  • PAPIR COLOR doo / Serbia / mikon@papircolor.co.rs
  • ProfiArt / Romania / www.profiart.ro
  • Ventura Art & Design Supplies, Ltd. / Israel / aventura@netvision.net.il
  • Trgovina Hobby & Art / Slovenia / http://www.hobbyart.si
  • Rekindled Moments Merchandising / Philippines / www.facebook.com/CopicMarkerPH
  • West Design Products Ltd. / U.K. / http://www.copic-shop.co.uk
  • Ban My Thuat / Vietnam / 24 Le Thi Rieng, District 1. HCMC, Vietnam
  • Art Friend / Malaysia / https://artfriendonline.com/EN/OnlineUsers/Index
  • Hakimi Stationers / India / https://www.indiamart.com/hakimi-stationers/
  • RASOULI GROUP / Iran / http://www.zilliondesigns.com/contests/the-rasouli-group
  • Peruvian Art & Hobby Supplies SAC / Peru / www.spondylus.pe
  • ARTIST ART MATERIALS SA / Spain / www.artist-am.com
  • COLOREND IMPORTACAO E EXPORTACAO LTDA / Brazil / www.copic.com.br
  • Boykot / Chile / www.boykot.cl
  • Pick a Pick SAS / Colombia / www.copicmarker.net.co
  • Quadrimovel, Lda. / Portugal / www.copicportugal.com
  • Machouse/ Ukraine / tereschenko@azur.com.ua
  • S.A. JR PRODUCTS N.V. / Belgium / http://jrproducts.eu/index.html
  • Kybos Stationery, Greece / Greece / http://www.e-kybos.gr
  • ABASTECEDORA LUMEN S.A. DE C.V. / Mexico / www.lumen.com.mx
  • TOO "KOPIK" / Kazakhstan / nurtaevadina@gmail.com
  • ART BLVD / Cambodia / Pichthydaninth@gmail.com
  • Nevskaya Hammond / Estonia Latvia / http://www.hammond.ee
  • Orgservice Ltd. / Georgien / ndikhaminjia@orgservice.ge

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