[Correction of Personal Information and the Applied Work, etc.]

If deletion or correction of information is requested from the Applicant himself/herself, we will deal with it appropriately after confirming the identity of the Applicant and the accuracy of the correction, etc.

[Treatment of Personal Information]

The registered personal information (hereinafter referred to as "Personal Information") may be provided to the Organizer and its affiliated companies, and individual COPIC distributors listed in the attachment to send the information on COPIC products and a request for the cooperation in questionnaire surveys. However, except for cases with legitimate grounds in accordance with laws and regulations, etc., the Organizer will not use the Personal Information for purposes other than as stipulated above, nor provide it to a third party other than the above without the consent of the Applicant.

[Governing Law and Language]

The Rules shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan. The governing languages of the Rules shall be English and Japanese. If a translation hereof in another language is made for reference purposes, only the English and Japanese originals shall have the effect, and such translation in another language shall have no effect.

[Conflict Resolution]

The Tokyo District Court, which exercises jurisdiction over Tokyo, Japan, shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute arising in connection with the Rules.


  • Any and all developments of hardware and software, and the prevention of virus infection and unauthorized access, which are required to apply for the Award, shall be conducted at the expense and responsibility of the Applicant. The organizer shall not be involved with the usage environment of the Applicant in any sense, nor bear any responsibility.
  • The Organizer shall bear no responsibility for the damage incurred by the Applicant arising from the Application for this contest when there is a trouble including an accident during the transmission of the image data of the applied work, destruction of data, infection of a virus, and a failure of the terminal at the time of applying for the Award.
  • If the Organizer or the Applicant receives demand for an injection or damage, complaint, objection, etc. from a third party regarding the literary work, portrait, etc. used for the applied work, the organizer shall bear no responsibility, and the Applicant shall, at his/her responsibility and expense, deal with and solve the demand, complaint, objection, etc., without placing any burden on the Organizer. Looks good!
  • The Organizer shall bear no responsibility for the unauthorized use of the applied work by a third party due to the display of applied works on the special AWARD site, including the unauthorized use by a third party by downloading a copy of an applied work from the special AWARD Site.
  • In the case of returning the COPIC Works from the organizer to applicants, the original packing materials used by the applicants will be replaced with packing materials chosen by the organizer. The applicants shall agree if the organizer disposes of the original packing materials used by the applicant, and the organizer shall not be held responsible for any claims.
  • The organizer shall not be held responsible for any and all accidents of selected COPIC works at the time of their shipment and transportation from applicants to the organizer.
  • The organizer shall take insurance with the upper limit of 100,000 yen for the accident of Award Winning COPIC Works or Selected COPIC Works at the time of their shipment and transportation; however, the organizer shall not be held responsible for any and all damages exceeding the said amount.


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