The winners of the COPIC AWARD 2017


The COPIC AWARD is the event aimed at providing an opportunity to share the artworks which using COPIC products, and connecting COPIC fans around the world.
We have received numerous artworks from all over the world. After the rounds of judging of prestigious juries, the COPIC AWARD winners for three categories are finally decided as follows.

  • Design
  • Illustration
  • Craft


Grand Prize

Iconic Duo - Ferrari and Fiat Dino

Nigel Müller

The Netherlands (Holland, Europe)

Outstanding realism achieved.
Expert level marker rendering. Hard to believe that this is done with markers!
A shame the skills were not applied to an original design to demonstrate the use of markers for design development and concept presentation rather than the reproduction of photographic images compiled from different historic vehicles rather than offering a second perspective view as it would be common for transport design renderings.

Comment: Oliver Neuland

Judges' Award:Winner Architecture




Very skillful architectural rendering with a nice composition;
Good sense for light and materiality; A bit hard to read the building itself due to very high color saturation throughout all parts of the rendering.

Comment: Oliver Neuland

Judges' Award:Winner Transport Design



South Korea

Automotive design rendering on a high skill level;
Drawing communicates and presents original concept well through several perspectives;
Good sense for light; reflections and highlights could be more defined and crisp though;
Line work has a good tension.

Comment: Oliver Neuland

Judges' Award:Winner Industrial Design

Beam projector - refined7

Seo Eunyeong

South Korea

Well rendered original product;
overwhelming density (complexity) in layout which makes it hard to read the actual proposed design well; A shame as the actually product rendering is very nice; Renderings displays a good sense for light and materiality.

Comment: Oliver Neuland

Judges' Award:Winner Fashion/Character

Marine Life

Tarsio Allonso


Very well executed and arranged rendering;
clean lines and gradients; good depth; very nice work.

Comment: Oliver Neuland


Grand Prize




This unique "trompe l'oeil/trick art" kind of idea that hiding chameleons into the various different materials is truly amazing. This is a piece makes us want to look at many times over - And it impresses us every single time. Each four elements have completely different color combination and constructed in a high level of perfection. Every time you see this fun masterpiece, you would discover something new.

Comment: Eisaku Kubonouchi

Judges' Award:Eisaku Kubonouchi

Wing of the roses



The composition featuring roses and feathers as a motif is astonishingly beautiful and a sorrowful look on character's face is alluring. Also flowing silhouettes and subtle gradations of feathers and petals are making this character mystical. I think it was a good choice to use a simple color scheme in this piece.

Judges' Award:Shigeto Koyama

Shimotsuki No Youi Kitan (Strange Tales of November)

Orca Arashi


The colors arranged with effective use of a natural whiteness of paper is wonderful. Loved his sense incorporating the taste of digital painting such as the vividness of the accent color, reflections of light and the gradation created using color irregularity. I really like this piece and I cannot resist seeing it!

Special Award

La ferrari illiustration



Since the elaborate details of this piece are breathtaking, you may think this was not created entirely in Copic. However, if you look closely, you will find some techniques unique to analog painting like the gradation using the unevenness of color. His touch in this piece is bold and has no hesitation. The silhouette of a car is so beautiful, also his representation of light and shadow is superb.

Comment: Shigeto Koyama

Special Award



This piece is a good example which showing various aspects and possibilities of the "Copic" illustration in the sense that it purposely mixed realistic drawing area and unevenly colored area. Shading technique using the flat part of the nib is also fun to see.

Comment: Shigeto Koyama

Special Award

Warrior Tiger



There were many entries drawn based on photographs. On the other hand, this piece from South America was thoroughly and successfully created his image of Japan by the exercise of imagination. We (Juries) were impressed his passion for Copic - Also we loved those bamboo leaves used for decorating the artwork.

Comment: Shigeto Koyama


Grand Prize

Mini Specimen Box

Yu-Shan, Huang


The delicate nature of the entry “Specimen Box” caught and captured our attention immediately. The butterflies look so real. We want to reach out and touch them. Very well done!

Michelle Houghton, Debbie Olson and Jennifer Dove

Judges' Award:Michelle Houghton

Starlit Safe Haven



"Starlit Safe Haven" was one of my favorites. Not only is the Copic coloring beautiful, but the ability to craft paper into a complex 3-dimensional object takes great skill.

Judges' Award:Debbie Olson

Katsu-Don(Pork Cutlet on Rice)



I found the "Pork Cutlet on Rice" piece to be both original and skillfully crafted. The realistic rendering of multiple textures--metal, porcelain, food, wood--and multiple pieces demonstrated masterful marker skills.

Judges' Award:Jennifer Dove

Work in progress



I was stopped in my tracks by the creativity of the piece “Work in Progress". This piece of artwork was well thought out and created onto the coloring medium. The perspective of a dimensional piece can be a challenge and the artist nailed it from all angles. This gives the word “Craft” a broader meaning. I feel like I am taking a peek into someone’s studio while they are hard at work. I love the use of the Copic markers and the feel that the black and white gives through this artwork. Just shows it doesn’t have to all be in color to create an impact. Nicely done!