• 【interview】2019 Grand Prize Winner:Grace Netanya

【interview】2019 Grand Prize Winner:Grace Netanya


We interviewed Ms. Grace Netanya, who won the Grand Prize at the COPIC AWARD 2019.

She was a whopping 19 years old when she won the Grand Prize! She told us about her excitement at receiving the award and her goals for the future.

Grace Netanya
COPIC AWARD 2019 Grand Prize Winner
Grace Netanya is an artist and storyteller whose art combines contemporary and traditional ideas to create an art fusion that is both Avant-Garde and introspective.
At a very young age, Grace taught herself to draw in order to communicate stories and characters from her imagination. This is still her motivation; not to depict what can be seen in everyday life, but to take the fantastical from her own mind and turn it into a tangible work of art that others can experience as well.
She is currently planning an exhibition of her works on the theme of "transitional phases in childhood", which she addressed in the AWARD winning piece "The Explorer".


COPIC AWARD 2019 Grand Prize Winner "The Explorer"

Q.You won the Second Place of the COPIC AWARD 2019. How did you feel when you heard the news?
Grace :When I found out I was in the top three contestants and would be traveling to Japan for the award ceremony, I was ecstatic! I had been working on my Copic drawing skills since I was very young, and it felt wonderful to feel like all the practice was paying off. When I was awarded the Top prize, I was so shocked and happy that I had difficultly speaking when I received the award. I have been dedicated towards using my art to communicate important topics for most of my life. To finally have the chance to have my work exposed to a wide audience was a dream come true.

Q.Has anything in your life changed since you won the prize?
Grace :After being unanimously chosen for the Grand Prize by the Copic judges, I had the confidence and credentials to pursue more professional achievements. I have since participated in other competitions and exhibits and am currently looking for gallery representation for my art series following the theme of my COPIC AWARD winning piece "The Explorer"', which addresses "transitional phases in childhood."

Q.Could you give a message to people who haven't decided to participate this year's AWARD yet?
Grace :What are you waiting for!? You have nothing to lose, only a lot to gain by participating.

Q.What kind of entry/artwork you would like to see this year?
Grace :I would like to see artwork that takes unique approaches to style and technique. I would love to see more work that not only represents the wide array of visual possibilities with Copic, but also takes this opportunity to tell an engaging story to the world.

Q.What are you expecting of the COPIC AWARD?
Grace :I am expecting that they continue to offer a chance for passionate artists to have their voices heard and that they encourage creativity across age and national borders.

Thank you for your cooperation on this interview, Ms. Grace!



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