• 【Interview】2017 Craft Category Grand Prize winner:Yu-Shan Huang

【Interview】2017 Craft Category Grand Prize winner:Yu-Shan Huang


We interviewed Ms. Yu-Shan Huang, winner of the Craft Category Grand Prize of COPIC AWARD 2017!

She has gained incredible popularity through her lovely works using Copic with shrink plastic, and was an experienced instructor at HOBBY SHOW, Japan’s largest hand-made craft event.

黃于珊(Yu-Shan Huang)
Craft artist
COPIC AWARD 2017 Craft Category Grand Prize Ms. Huang is a popular craft artist born and raised in Taiwan. As well as working as an instructor at the craft workshop “The Crafter 手創工房” in Taiwan, she also dabbles in publishing craft books. Her achievements and activities include winning the Grand Prize in the Craft category of COPIC AWARD 2017 and participating at the Copic booth of the 2019 JAPAN HOBBY SHOW as a guest instructor.

More interviews, how-to videos, as well as templates for getting started with shrink plastic art are all available on the official Copic website.
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COPIC AWARD 2017 Craft Category Grand Prize “Mini Specimen Box”


About the COPIC AWARD 2017 Craft Category Grand Prize

_Congratulations again on winning the Craft Category Grand Prize at COPIC AWARD 2017! Tell us, what have you been up to recently?
Huang: I’ve been working hard every day to make new artwork. Thankfully the third book I published in 2019 “神奇熱縮片的秘密花園” (an instruction book of shrink plastic art) was well received, and it's going to be reprinted this year. Also, I’ve been busy with my workshops that have been increasing, and I feel the amount of attention to my Facebook page has also increased as page views have risen.

_What did it feel like the moment you won the award??
Huang: I was deeply moved when I got the message that I was chosen, and I remember being so excited I couldn’t sleep. Copic had been a brand I’d loved since I was a student, and to have my work chosen, blessed, and recognized by Copic really is something I will never forget. I’m so grateful to have been given such an opportunity.

_Have there been any positive changes for you since winning the award?
Huang: I'm really happy that so many people are now becoming interested in my art, taking part in my workshops and buying my books. It is such a wonderful honor, but at the same time, I think I still need to work harder to achieve the level of work that I demand of myself.

A scene from COPIC AWARD 2017 awards ceremony: From the left, Yuming Chen (Illustration Category Grand Prize winner), Yu-Shan Huang (Craft Category Grand Prize winner), and Nigel Müller (Design Category Grand Prize winner)

About COPIC AWARD 2020

_We’ll have the COPIC AWARD again this year. Do you have any message to say to people who still can’t decide whether they should enter or not?
Huang: For me, the COPIC AWARD was truly an unforgettable experience. It’s not just a competition for the deluxe prizes; I really felt like it was a place for different forms of art to come together. Even if you don’t win anything, it’s a great opportunity for other people to see your creativity, skills and performance.

_What kind of artworks are you looking forward to seeing from this year's AWARD?
Huang: I’m expecting to see a wide variety of artworks. This might be a little exaggerated, but I think there are almost unlimited ways to use Copic products! I’m really looking forward to seeing entries that exemplify the various different methods, techniques and materials [used with Copic products].

_Is there anything you’re looking forward to from the COPIC AWARD itself??
Huang: I hope the COPIC AWARD will continue to be held in the future. As a place for self-expression, I think it is really important for companies to able to provide a place for users to show their creativity. COPIC AWARD is such a precious platform and I hope Copic continues to provide a place where talented artists can enjoy being in the spotlight.

Ms. Huang’s most recent work

Each and every one of Ms. Huang’s artworks is exquisite and beautiful. As a craft artist, she had gained so much popularity that we feel that the possibilities of shrink plastic art are boundless!
It is amazing to see how she continues to work hard perfect her art even after winning the award. Thank you very much, Ms. Huang, for taking the time to do this interview!



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