• 【Interview】2017 Illustration Category Grand Prize winner:Yuming Chen

【Interview】2017 Illustration Category Grand Prize winner:Yuming Chen


We interviewed Yuming Chen, winner of the Illustration Category Grand Prize of COPIC AWARD 2017. We will share what he has been doing since winning the award and hear about his latest works!

陳裕旻(Mr. Yuming Chen)
Winner - COPIC AWARD 2017 Illustration Category Grand Prize Mr. Chen was born and raised in Taiwan. Since winning at COPIC AWARD, he has devoted himself to creative activities. He holds workshops where he teaches techniques on using Copic products.


COPIC AWARD 2017 Illustration Category Grand Prize “Invisible”


About the COPIC AWARD 2017 Illustration Category Grand Prize

_Congratulations again on winning the Illustration Category Grand Prize at COPIC AWARD 2017! Tell us, what have you been up to recently?
Chen: In addition to working on my own creative work on a daily basis, I also quite often instruct workshops.

_What did it feel like the moment you won the award?
Chen: I entered the COPIC AWARD just to see how it was like, and I never thought I'd be able to win the Grand Prize. That year, I was struggling to create my art - I had to deal with that through trial and error. So, winning the COPIC AWARD was a very emotional experience for me.
I was very happy to receive the Grand Prize, and I would like to work harder so that I can create something even better.

_Have there been any positive changes for you since winning the award?
Chen: After winning the award, I have had more opportunities to create work, and of course, I’ve also had more opportunities to hold my workshops.

Mr. Chen’s “陳裕旻工作室” (Yuming Chen Studio) workshop in Taiwan


About COPIC AWARD 2020

_We’ll have the COPIC AWARD again this year. Do you have anything to say to people who still can’t decide whether they should enter or not?
Chen: Every successful person starts with one thing - having the courage. Only those who dare to start something will find their way to success. So why don't you give it a try?

_What kind of artworks are you looking forward to seeing from this year's AWARD?
Chen: I would like to see contemporary styles of work that bring out the individuality and strengths of artists.

_Is there anything you’re looking forward to from the COPIC AWARD itself?
Chen: It would be great if students and younger people could enter the AWARD without thinking about the consequences of doing so. I want young people to take up the challenge of creating new things.



Mr. Chen’s most recent work


We believe that “Invisible,” the COPIC AWARD 2017 winning piece, left a deep impression on people for its elaborate depiction, rich ideas, and cohesive color scheme.
Copic products are used a lot in the genre of design and comics, but they are also used in artistic illustrations that pursue realism and uniqueness, like Mr. Chen's work. Through his art, we can feel the endless possibilities of expression that Copic products can provide. Thank you very much, Mr. Chen, for taking the time to do this interview!



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