• 【Interview】COPIC AWARD 2021 Judges: Kota Nezu

【Interview】COPIC AWARD 2021 Judges: Kota Nezu


The second interview with the AWARD judges is with Mr. Kota Nezu, an accomplished designer.
Mr. Nezu has had a long career as a car designer, and in 2020 he won the Good Design Award Gold Prize for his family-type robot [LOVOT]. We are very much looking forward to seeing what kind of work it is that captures Mr. Nezu's heart!


「LOVOT」 グッドデザイン賞 金賞受賞

Kota Nezu Designer(website/Twitter

The Tokyo-born designer Nezu used to work for Toyota Motor Corporation before starting his own design firm Znug Design, in 2005. He has been involved in the development of the zecOO electric motorcycle, LOVOT family robot, Toyota concept car, Thermos portable mug, and many other products. Nezu was also a jury member for the Good Design Award 2014-2020 and wrote many books on design and communications.

- Were there any of the COPIC AWARD 2020 winning works that caught your attention?

I was very interested in "Don't Believe Everything at Face Value" by Ms. Ja Sutapat. It's a very carefully drawn piece - The contrast between its gentle tone and the sad expression on the tiger's face really grabbed my attention. I can't help but wonder what kind of story this work has to tell.

次世代アーティスト賞グランプリ「Don't believe everything at face value」/Ja_Sutapat


- What do you always focus on when you see the artworks? What do you expect to see in this year's AWARD?

I'm going to focus on the " originality and passion" of the artist. I'm very much looking forward to seeing how each applicant expresses the theme they want to depict, with how much passion they put into it.

- Please tell us what to look forward to as a judge for the COPIC AWARD 2021. Also, do you have any message for those who are thinking of applying for this year's AWARD?

I want all applicants to create their works in a fun and relaxed way. I'd like to feel that joy and judge the works with all my heart and soul.

- Do you have any memories or episodes related to Copic?

At the car company I used to work, there was a section where art supplies were always available, and they had a lot of Copic markers stocked there. I always thought, "I want to take this whole shelf home with me! "(laughs)

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