• 【Interview】COPIC AWARD 2022 Judges : Hikaru Ichijo

【Interview】COPIC AWARD 2022 Judges : Hikaru Ichijo


In this second installment of mini-interviews, we feature Ms. Hikaru Ichijo, who creates artwork and works extensively on books, advertisements, and illustrations for product packages. She collaborates with various international brands, and her bold use of colorsand innovative compositions impress audiences. We asked Ms. Ichijo, active at the forefront of art and design, what kind of artwork she is looking for at COPIC AWARD 2022.

HIKARU ICHIJOwebsite/Twitter/Instagram

In 2018, Ichijo began working as an illustrator. Her illustrations are featured in books, advertisements, and package design. Using echniques rooted in printing technology to explore color expression, she builds bold images of female figures with a fresh, contemporary pop aesthetic. She chooses not to draw their faces, freeing the characters from judgment based on shifting beauty standards.

ーAre there any entries fromCOPIC AWARD 2021 that you particularly liked?

Title: Kincho-kan (“a sense of tension”)
Artist:Tsugumi Okubo

I have always admired Ms. Okubo's use of colors, and among the many works using Copic, this piece caught my eyes because it is so beautiful.
I think the colors and expressions are something I would never be able to create even if I tried to imitate her. I just love it.

Kincho-kan (“a sense of tension”)Artist:」/Tsugumi Okubo

ーWhen you look at an artwork, which aspects do you pay attention to? Also, what kind of entries are you looking forward to seeingat COPIC AWARD 2022?

When I look at an artwork, I pay attention to whether the expression reflects the artist's own personality, the colors, the composition, and taste in choosing motifs.
I also consider the sensory aspect of the work to be most important; "Would I want to display this work on my wall?" "Would I want to take home a flyer or postcard with this artwork?" etc. These are the things that go through my mind.

ーPlease tell us about your first encounter with Copic. Or do you have any special Copic memories?

I remember my parents buying me Copic markers when I was in elementary school.
I had thisimage of Copic that it was an art toolused by manga artists. When I was little, theonly job I knew that consisted of drawing pictures was that of a manga artist, so I guess I wanted to try drawing using art toolsused by professionals. Then after, I used Copic in a product design class during college.

ーCould you please tell us about your enthusiasm as a judge for COPIC AWARD 2022 and your message to everyone thinking about applying for the AWARD?

I usually use digital or silk screens when I create my pieces, so I am always attracted to the analog feel of Copic, as it’s something that I do not have in my portfolio.
I look forward to seeing artworkthat will completely blow me away. I simply want to seeworks that I can genuinelylike.

Thank you for your kind message, Ms. Ichijo!




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