• 【Interview】COPIC AWARD 2022 Judges : Kazutoshi Oshimoto

【Interview】COPIC AWARD 2022 Judges : Kazutoshi Oshimoto


Once again this year, we are pleased to have high-profile creators active in various fields of art and design as judges for COPIC AWARD.
We have received messages from these renowned judges for everyone interested in applying for COPIC AWARD 2022. We hope you will find some helpful tips and new insight into creating your entry - Please enjoy reading them!

COPIC AWARD 2022 JUDGES(random order, honorific titles are omitted)
⚫Hikaru Ichijo
⚫Kota Nezu
⚫Kazutoshi Oshimoto
⚫Eriko Kimura
⚫Yuki Suetsugu

Our first mini-interview features Kazutoshi Oshimoto, an associate professor of design at Tokyo University of the Arts who is also widely active as an artist. After graduating from the Faculty of Fine Arts/Department of Design at Tokyo University of the Arts, he has been involved in various commercial design projects and has won many awards.Mr. Oshimoto has a cross-cutting way of thinking that transcends the boundaries between art and design, and we are very much looking forward to seeing what kind of entries he will be attracted to.


Associate Professor of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music/Artist

Oshimoto is an associate professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts/Department of Design, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. He is also active as an artist in solo and group exhibitions.

ーAre there any entries fromCOPIC AWARD 2021 that you particularly liked?

Artist:Making waves
Title: Anne Roos Art
I was attracted by the beautiful color tones of this work. It reminded me of KatsushikaHokusai’s"Kanmachi Matsuri yatai tenjo-e/AngryWaves" because of the Japanese sensibility it brings out. I was surprised to learn that the artwork was done by a non-Japanese person.

Social Media Award「Making waves」/Anne Roos Art


ーWhen you look at an artwork, which aspects do you pay attention to? Also, what kind of entries do you expect to see at COPIC AWARD 2022?

The work must have a challenging attitude. I look for originality and innovativeness and place great importance on whether the work expresses a distinctive worldview. I look forward to seeing works that conveya feeling that I do not have.

ーPlease tell us about your first encounter with Copic. Or do you have any special Copic memories?

I remember using Copic for the first time in a rendering class when I was a student. I felt a bit like a pro. I thought Copic was a design tool, but when I became anartist later, I often used Multiliner pens for sketching. Looking at the works submitted in past COPIC AWARD, I realized how wide of an expression range can be achieved with Copic and the possibilities that Copic has to offer.

ーCould you please tell us about your enthusiasm as a judge for COPICAWARD 2022 and your message to everyone thinking about submitting a piecefor the AWARD?

This will be my first time participatingin COPIC AWARD as a judge, and I am excited to see what kind of worksI will encounter. I believe that the richness of one’s perspective and imagination are limitless. When you add commitment to work, I am sure it will make things more fascinating. I hope that you drag me into your world.


Thank you for your kind message, Mr. Oshimoto!


flying birds



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