• 【Interview】COPIC AWARD 2023 Judges : Yasuhiko Takeuchi

【Interview】COPIC AWARD 2023 Judges : Yasuhiko Takeuchi


For the third installment of our mini-interview, we interviewed Yasuhiko Takeuchi, editor-in-chief of Illustration magazine.
Mr. Takeuchi has also edited numerous books on art/illustration.
Let's find out what kind of artwork he expects to see in COPIC AWARD 2023.

Illustration magazine (where he is Editor-in-chief) back issues.

Editor-in-chief, Illustration magazine

Born in 1982, Takeuchi joined Genkosha Co., Ltd in 2010 and has been editor-in-chief of Illustration magazine since 2017.
He has edited numerous books on art/illustration.


ーWere there any entries from COPIC AWARD 2022 that caught your eye?

Title:Hand-painted beach, coconut tree, tank 300, to find their original heart

Hand-painted beach, coconut tree, tank 300, to find their original heart」/ 杨增光

The quiet tone and realistic expressions in this piece give me a nostalgic feeling, which is refreshing at the same time. I like how detailed it is, and the weight of the car is even conveyed.

ーWhat do you usually focus on when viewing artwork? Also, what kind of entries are you looking forward to seeing at COPIC AWARD 2023?

I always consider whether or not the artist can deliver an official illustration job request without any problems. I also look at the creativity and ingenuity of the artist. While I like to see high-level artwork that uses Copic in a standard way, I would be happy to find a piece that makes me wonder, "Did the artist really do this with Copic?


Example of artwork that he has been involved with.

ーWhat is your impression of Copic?

The great thing about Copic is that you can start drawing right away without any preparation. The vibrant and colorful colors are impressive, but I am always amazed at how much the range of expression can be expanded by blending colors. Copic is a drawing tool that is used not only in Japan but all over the world. So I look forward to seeing entries from all over the world in this year's AWARD.

ーPlease share your thoughts as a COPIC AWARD 2023 judge and if you have a message for those considering applying.

Most of the contests I have participated in as a judge have had no restrictions on what art materials could be used, so I am excited to see what techniques are used in the entries for this unique contest. If you are on the fence about applying, I definitely think you should apply. Artists need to have their work seen by many different people.

ーThank you for your message, Mr.Takeuchi!



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