• COPIC AWARD 2024 Short Interview with PARU ITAGAKI

COPIC AWARD 2024 Short Interview with PARU ITAGAKI


The final interview of the 2024 AWARD judges is with Paru Itagaki, creator of the internationally popular manga BEASTARS and SANDA, who still creates her works with analog art materials. We also received a message for the 2024 AWARD applicants.

Manga Artist

Paru Itagaki is a Japanese manga artist. In 2016, Itagaki debuted with BEAST COMPLEX, a short manga in Weekly Shonen Champion (Akita Publishing Co., Ltd.). In the same year, the serialization of Itagaki's critically and commercially acclaimed series BEASTARS began.
The work has won numerous awards, including the New Face Award for Manga category at the 21st Japan Media Arts Festival, the 11th Manga Taisho, and the New Creator Prize at the 22nd Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize. BEASTARS  has also been adapted into a TV anime series. Itagaki is currently working on a manga series called SANDA in Weekly Shonen Champion.


ーWere there any pieces from COPIC AWARD 2023 that caught your eye?

コピックアワード応募作品Tensing and Hillary
Tensing and Hillary」/Hillary and Tenzing

This piece might not have caught my attention if it was a photo, but how it is presented in a painting form makes it fascinating.
The texture of the clothing, the mischievous smile of the man in the background, and the perspective of the mountains are remarkable. In addition, this work is composed of a beautiful golden triangle.
It is brilliant that the artist created such a multilayered work with Copic. I really like this one!

ーWhat do you usually focus on when viewing artwork? Also, what do you look forward to seeing in entries for COPIC AWARD 2024?

Occasionally I serve as a judge for manga-related awards, and my judging criteria is always about whether the piece brings a sense of unfamiliarity. It can be chaotic or imperfect. I want to see entries that take me to a world that I have never seen!

Cover of the final volume of Beasters.

ーDo you have any stories or memories regarding Copic?

I've been captivated by Copic since middle school, and I have been buying their markers one at a time from art supply stores to build up my collection. I believe the true value of COPIC markers is brought out when you have more colors to use, and I found the experience of collecting them quite enjoyable.

ーPlease share your thoughts as being a COPIC AWARD 2024 judge, and if you have a message to those who are planning to submit a piece.

If you've had fun creating artwork using Copic, we'd love to see it!

ーThank you for your message, Ms.Itagaki!

Itagaki sensei as "Legom," a character from BEASTARS.



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