• COPIC AWARD 2024 Short Interview with SHOHEI OCHIAI

COPIC AWARD 2024 Short Interview with SHOHEI OCHIAI


As in previous years, the COPIC AWARD 2024 will be judged by a panel of renowned creators from various artistic fields.

We have asked each juror to answer questions in a short interview and to share a message with those considering submitting their work to this year's COPIC AWARD. Please take a look at the interviews for tips and insights that may help you create your entry!

COPIC AWARD 2024 Judges (titles omitted, in no particular order)
・Paru Itagaki
・Shohei Ochiai
・Yusuke Nakamura
・Kota Nezu
・Michihiko Yanai

For the first interview, we spoke with Shohei Ochiai, an artist known for his dynamic and powerful line drawings with a three-dimensional feel.
As we introduce Ochiai's past works, we would like to share his message with the 2024 AWARD applicants.

Sean Wotherspoon × adidas originals × Shohei Ochiai "SW HEMP GAZELLE"


After graduating from the Department of Production Design at Tama Art University with a major in product design, he began working as a painter in 2018.
Characterized by dynamic and unpredictable shapes, three-dimensionality, and strong line drawings, he has expanded his activities internationally, including contributing his work to JOOPITER, a digital auction house hosted by the legendary music icon, Pharrell Williams.


ーWere there any entries from COPIC AWARD 2023 that caught your eye?



I was captivated by this piece the moment I saw it. The daring composition, drawing technique, and how the colors and lines overflow in places, all exude a feeling of freedom, making it truly remarkable. On the left side of the piece, I think colors were applied with a ballpoint pen, and the vigorous, seemingly spontaneous lines convey a sense of strength. The unevenness of the colors, the placement of the signature, everything is great. I want to see more drawings by this artist.

SUNTORY's advertising “-196℃ STRONG ZERO Double Lemon” x Shohei Ochiai

Pharrell Williams × Shohei Ochiai "JOOPITER Son of a Pharaoh Graphic Exhibition Throw Blanket"


ーWhat do you usually focus on when viewing artwork? Also, what do you look forward to seeing in entries for COPIC AWARD 2024?

 I value artwork that make me imagine about the artist's background. Artwork that makes me think about various things such as the lifestyle of the artist that inspired the captivating piece or how the artist found specific colors. Being an active artist myself, I'm constantly seeking impactful pieces that fuel a competitive spirit within me, driving me to pursue excellence.

ーDo you have any stories or memories regarding Copic? Also, please tell us what you like about Copic products.

My journey with Copic began during a product design class at my college. Since then, it's become a staple tool of my personal artwork. As an artist who uses various mediums, Copic has been extremely helpful. I especially value the extensive range of intermediate colors that Copic offers. Their selection of gray tones is exceptional. I actually wish Copic would release twice as many intermediate colors as they currently offer.

Working in his studio



ーPlease share your thoughts as being a COPIC AWARD 2024 judge, and if you have a message to those who are planning to submit a piece

I look forward to seeing pieces that capture the full spectrum of emotions—joy, anger, sorrow, and happiness—that everyone experiences daily. I'm eager to feel the strength that all of you hold.

ーThank you for your message, Mr.Ochiai!

yonawo × Shohei Ochiai “yonawo 3rd anniversary live



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