Take good photos of your entry!


In the first round, entries will be judged based on the photo images that are submitted.
For this reason, your photos should be able to convey the artistic essence of your work such as color shading, gradation and color schemes. Your art piece will be seen by many people among the entries list, so please make sure to submit images that are taken properly.

  If you do not have a scanner, you can still take quality photos with a camera or even a smartphone. Keep the following tips
  in mind to take beautiful photos!

Photo-shooting tips

Point 1
Submit a photo that captures the entire art piece

Prepare at least one photo that showcases your entire piece, not just one part of it.

Point 2
Take photos in bright areas

Take photos under white fluorescent lighting or natural light. Set the light source at an angle so that your own shadow will not be visible in the photo.

Point 3
Take photos from directly above

It is also important that the image is not distorted. Try using a grid function that may come pre-installed with your camera, or an app that has functions to help you take straight photos.

Point 4
Focus and shoot

Use your camera's autofocus function to place the focus on your artwork when taking photos.

Point 5
Avoid including unrelated objects in your photos

If there are other objects in the image that are not related to your artwork, the impression of the work may be affected. Take photos that do not include unnecessary objects.

Point 6
Pay attention to the resolution of the images

Prepare high-resolution images, as low-resolution images will make it difficult to see details.
(Each image should be less than 5MB and the total size of all images should be less than 15MB)

Other tips..

We also recommend using a scanner or a multifunction printer. For the settings, please read the manufacturer's instruction manual carefully.

Selecting images to be made available on the AWARD website

Up to three images can be posted on the website for each artwork.
* The image registered as the first picture will be displayed at the top of the artwork page.

In this example, the first image is used to showcase the entire artwork. The other two are a close-up of the artist's favorite part and an image featuring the Copic markers that the artist used.

Please prepare clear images to convey the essence of your art. We look forward to receiving your artwork!



If you still have issues and would like to request assistance,
please send a message from contact form.